Friday, May 23, 2008

Golden facial tips

A facial can renovate the visual aspect of the skin by bumping off dead cells so that skin is fine-tuned . Your skin glows in the absence of old cells and appears to be effulgent. In winter we feels our skin is dry and we avoid facial but we should take proper care in all the seasons little carelessness could bring bad effects to our skin . Keeping good care to our skin we should try improven quality of skin tone and color, a facial helps the skin to receive moisturizer better by removing dead surface cells. Try the tips given below:

  • Cleanse your face and neck with appropriate cleansers –Alba Hawaiian Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser .This natural cleanser gently lifts away make-up and impurities without dehydrating, irritating or stripping your skin of natural oils.Albolene Cream Cleanser , Imbue Milky Cleanser, HumiNature Brighten & Lighten Facial Cleanser or Oily Skin Treatment Cleanser.. Check the cleanser which one is right for your skin . Try to apply the products of branded companies if you prefer to choose cleanser yourselves.

  • Take a steam bath for your face by covering your head with a towel and putting your face on a distance from the boiling water and where your face can have a steam face bath. Be sure to keep your face at least eighteen inches from the water. Allow the steam to bathe your face for three to five minutes. Rinse with warm water.

  • Apply the massage of the cream or either of foaming Scrub – gently massage the skin with a soft and light circular motion, avoiding the areas around the eyes. Wash with plenty of little warm water or wash it with washcloth or cleansing sponge. Pat face and neck dry.

  • Apply a generous amount of Queen Helene Mint Masque if skin feels dry or dehydrated or Active Herbal Masque if skin has blemishes, blackheads, or excess oil Ahava Purifying Mud Masque For Oily Skin. Avoiding the eye area. Allow the masque to set for 20 minutes.

  • While the masque sets, turn on our relaxing stage and lie down. Cover your eyes with the cotton pads or cucumber slices. Stay in the position of rest without any sort of tension or stress . After 15 to 20 minutes, remove the masque with warm water and a washcloth or cleansing sponge.

  • Suppress a cotton ball with the appropriate toner For Dry Skin: PS Toner, Normal Skin Firming Toner, oily skin DermaTone.

  • Gently sweep over face and throat, avoiding the eye area.
    Apply Skin-Cell Regenerator Complex and follow with Imbue Antioxidant Moisturizer or your favorite Golden Door moisturizer.

  • Apply Eye Soft.

  • Facial Moisturizer examins that two facial tanning treatments that are formulated with imperfect skincare and anti-aging ingredients, making them ideal for use as daily moisturizers. X Appeal™ Face its advanced facial product packed with firming, age-fighting and moisturizing ingredients.

  • X Appeal has a light bronzer to help even out overall skin tone, while maintaining a golden facial glow.

  • X Appeal proven imperfect in clinical trial in reduction in appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

  • Bringing improvement in skin firmness.

  • Brings up improvement in uniform skin color.

  • Imperfect improvement in moisturization.

  • Its useful in helping balance and tone delicate facial skin.

  • It can be used daily under make-up and nightly before bed to keep skin feeling moisturized and radiant.

  • Its fill in the fine lines and wrinkles, allowing the skin to appear more youthful-looking and firmer while leaving skin with a radiant glow.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pedicures tips

Home made

Pedicure tips.

  • The first rule of good grooming is that all dead skin must go.
  • Place a chair behind a clean, wide bucket filled with hot water.
  • Fold a bath towel place it at the bottom of the bucket.
  • This will give your feet a comfortable surface to rest on when you douse them.
  • Add half a cup of salt, a natural disinfectant and little shampoo that will clean the toe nails dirt completely.
  • Be sure to add a deodorizing product to water. Add Herbals such as rosemary, eucalyptus and menthol therapeutic cleansing herbs to bring little fragnance.
  • Soaked the nail polish with the polish remover with a cotten to take off old polish.
  • If your shells are dry, add a drop of olive oil to the pad before using it on your nails.
  • Clip your toenails straight across with clippers.
  • Use a nail file to smooth the edges.
  • Square with rounded edges. Soak your feet in the water for few minutes.
  • After soaking, buff away dead skin with a foot file or pumice stone
  • Dip a foot file in the water then use it to smooth your heels,the balls of the feet and the outsides the toes.
  • Use the towel to dry it.
  • Use the edge of the nail file to push your shells back, then a nail brush dipped in an chipping scrub is to clean the area between nails and skin.
  • wash and then dry feet and apply little moisture foot lotion or cream.
  • Massage it into your feet and calfskin.
  • You can wash the moisturizer off your toenails with soap or let it remain as it is the skin will absorbs on its on this will add nourishment to the foot.
  • Do add a touch of olive oil to a cotton pad before applying nail polish remover. It's a quick way to protect dry cuticles while banishing old polish
  • Clean the top of the nails with the scruber to apply the polish on the nails .
  • Apply one coat of base coat, two coats of color and one coat of top coat.
  • The hot shades are bright. Apply the colour which adds up beauty to your nails which could easily brings fair look to your feets.
  • Think coral with a sheen to it hot pink and orangy-red.D.
  • Let your polish dry for a few hours before putting on close-toed shoes.
  • Apply one coat of top coat three days after your pedicure, then every third day after that to keep polish from chipping.
  • Keeps your feet having a massage after 2 or 3 days this will cure all irregularities of the toes heel and toes will remain clean and soft.
  • If your feet are going to be in the sun, use a top coat with sunscreen lotion.
  • No need to polish your nails daily the reason behind is to protect your nails from the occurance of disease .
  • Washing and cleaning the heels of the toe is must to prevent the heels from cracks.
  • Skip having a pedicure (or manicure) if you have any open wounds. This is considered best for your health.
  • Be assure that you use a safe manicure or pedicure. Be familiar with sanitation regulations. For example, nail care tools that can not be sterilized, including nail files, porous buffing stones and toe separators need to be thrown away after being used in your pedicure.
  • Tools that can be sterilized must be sterilized after each use.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lip Glass

A unique lip gloss available in a wide variety of colours that can create a high gloss, glass-like finish. It is worn over Lip Pencil or Lipstick, Tinted Lipglass is the perfect product for creating shine that lasts for a long time. It's imbued, very shiny and can impart subtle colour. It contains Jojoba Oil which helps in soften and conditioning the lips. Tinted Lipglass is packaged in a convenient bottle which provides a quick, smooth, even application. The lip gloss consist of marvellous beautiful shade of fresh, rosy skin which stimulates.

Mentholatum Natural Ice Medicated Lip Protectant.

  • Natural IceMedicated Lipbalm has a natural cooling adept and it functions well.

  • Available in both original and cherry flavors, it gives long lasting protection.

  • Natural Ice is both solacing and medicated, helping to cure, roughened and sunburned lips.

  • Mentholatum Natural IceSport acts as a extremum which Protects lips during all types of sport activities from exposure to the sun, wind, and harsh hot or cold weather conditions.

  • Advanced water-resistant stays soft under extreme winter conditions, and firm under extreme summer conditions.

  • Contains Vitamins A, D, E and Aloe Vera to keep lips moisturized.

  • Natural cooling sensation.

  • UVA and UVB sun protection,

  • Paba free.

  • Sun Alert: Limiting sun exposure, wearing protective clothing and using sunscreens may reduce the risks of skin aging, skin cancer, and other harmful effects of the sun.

  • Helps prevent sunburn.

  • Help prevent and temporarily protects dry, chapped, or windburned lips.

  • Specially designed for extreme weather conditions and provides year round protection from the effects of sun, wind, cold, and heat.

Lancome Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss Coral Rush.

  • Add ups brilliant shines to the lips.

  • Lips glamour with glittering color.

  • It consists of favorite shade and flavor for every mood.

  • LancĂ´me now offers to choose Juicy Tubes based on coverage and finish, giving your lips the high impact shine and color as desire.

  • Juicy Tubes Smoothie shades offer medium coverage with a burst of color.

  • Lips glisten with an ultra-glossy formula that glides on easily with its tube-tip applicator.

  • JuicyTubes Smoothe - Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss.

  • Juicy Gelee - Crystal-Clear Lip Gloss Top your lips with delicious crystal shine!

  • Juicy Gelee features a high level of transparent, crystal shine in a gloss formula.

  • The jelly texture melts onto your lips for a perfect smooth finish.

  • Available in 7 sweet shades served in adorable jelly jars.

Guerlain Divinora Kisskiss Gloss Beige.

  • Guerlain's KissKiss gloss makes the lips lookup gleaming, rounded, smooth and moisturized.

  • It is a marvelously nourishing beeswax.

  • This gloss provides intense moisture and leaves the lips feeling exceptionally smooth, full, and brilliantly glossy.

  • It Lasts for two hours concentring gloss-enhancing agents.

  • Leaves the lips looking seductively full and rounded.

  • Enriched with gloss-enhancing agents for shiny brilliance.

  • Liquid ingredient makes lips look full, rounded & plump.

  • Provides intense moisturisation & exceptional comfort.

  • Your lips appear smooth with highlights of varying intensity Short-bristle brush helps.

  • Guerlain Divinora Kisskiss GlossEnriched with gloss-enhancing agents for shiny brilliance Liquid ingredient makes lips look marvelous.

  • Provides intense moisturisation & exceptional comfort.

Trish McEvoy Lip Gloss

  • Give lips a chubbier, more delectable look with Trish McEvoy's The Plumper Lip Gloss. The dual-action plumper lets you keep the color while hyaluronic acid pulls in moisture from the air, conditioning lips.
  • Trish's lustrous gloss leaves lips with remarkable color and shine.
  • The smooth, moisture-rich formula lasts all day, leaving you with sublimely soft...
  • Its the perfect lip gloss—unbeatable color and shine that lasts all day and feels smooth, its not sticky, on lips.

Kiehls Kiehl's Lip Gloss

  • Kiehl's 'simply mahvelous' formula is made with natural extracts of mango and grape seed, rose hips and apricot kernel.
  • This non-sticky gloss hydrates lips and restores as antioxidants which help in having healthy appearance.long-lasting, odourless, leaves lips feeling fantastic lookup.
  • Product lasts for along time. Gives lips a nice shinny appearance.
  • Really great lip balm, soothes, moisterizes the lips.

Clinique Glosswear Lips Sheer Shi

  • Five Clinique lipglosses in gorgeous shiny shades.
  • This is the Clinique Glosswear Lips Sheer Shimmer Kissing Colors Coffret. Five shades which set smoothness in lips while Mystic, Crystal, Whisper, Sunshine and Sunset.
  • Glosswear For Lips Sheer Shimmers Dives deeply into wet-look color.
  • Slicks up your lips with more shine, more shimmer than ever before. Floats on for lasting wear - alone or over lipstick.

    Chapstick Overnight Lip Treatment
  • It is Skin Protectant Lip Balm.It contains 8 Different Moisturizers.
  • Balm is effective and glides on smoothly. Long-lasting consistency With Aloe and Vitamins A and E.
  • It Helps in preventing temporarily protected chafed, chapped, or cracked lips.
  • It Helps in moisturization and condition while sleeping.
  • To keep lips soft and looking healthy, you've got to experience the sensation of ChapStick OverNight Lip Treatment.
  • Just apply this smooth long-lasting lip treatment before bed, and while sleeping , it nourishes and conditions with a nightly moisture treatment with a feeling of refreshed, and smoothness.
  • Its a lasting nightly moisture treatment. Formula glides on smoothly .

L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipgloss

  • The gloss has a nice rich color and is very wearable.
  • Like other products it goes through a sticky stage and wait for it till it set.
  • When wear its infallible gloss it didn’t get rub off and it stayed shiny.
  • L’Oreal is the wonderful product in the long wearing lip gloss productive field.
  • The shades are all lovely and it really does last.
  • Longwearing lipgloss No touch-ups. No top coats. No Feathering. No Fading. Hydrating formula keeps lips soft, smooth, colorful and glossy for six shining hours .
  • Patented Petit Couer applicator contours lips precisely, giving you a smooth, even, flawless finish every time.
  • InfallibleNever Fail Lipgloss is available in a range of 16 sheer, luminous shades that stay true without changing, fading or dulling.
  • Use theNever Fail Makeup for a perfectly polished, long-lasting look.The Proof is in the Wear.
  • Available in 16 Infallible shades.

  • Blistex Clear Advance Lip Balm.

  • Ultra Protection is formulated to give your lips an extra high level of protection against the elements, with a light feel that's comfortable to apply.
  • Ultra Protection provides 6 protectants to defend your lips from nature's drying forces in any season, reducing the effects of cold, wind and sun.
  • Ultra Protection features include natural protection against burning, UVA - protects from burning UVB rays and less noticeable UVA rays, water resistant, PABA free - for sensitive lips and anti oxidants.

        • A

Christian Dior Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect Light Reflecting Lipgloss

  • Christian Dior Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect Light-Reflecting Lipgloss shades Organdi Pink.
  • An reflecting gloss that brings dazzling shine & vibrant colors. Deep shine & remarkable magnifying glass effect from micro-glass pearls. Ultra soft .
  • Christian Dior has brought us some of the most luxurious, trendsetting, and fashionable beauty products.
  • It's this magical mix of couture-meets-cosmetics that attracts unabashedly stylish beauty brands in the world.

  • Bare Escentuals Gossamer Lip Gloss

  • Add volume, shine, moisture, and sensuality to your lips with the gloss. Lip Gloss is the perfect lip accessory to dress up lipstick or add a sheer hint of color to bare lips.
  • This lightweight, non sticky lip gloss will give your pout super shine and moisture.
  • Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Lip Gloss in Sheer Cherry is easy to use and will add a touch of glamour to any outfit.
  • It can be used alone or over lipstick to give yourself a lick of sheer lustrous colour.
  • This succulent lipgloss will leave your lips looking fuller, shinier and silkier.

Clinique Long Last Glosswear.

  • Lip gloss juicey with the lasting shine. Spends every minute comforting lips.
  • In glistening shades from sheer to full intensity. Moisture makes Protects lips.
  • Colors featured in the Long Last Bronze collection include Air Kiss, Bonfire, Cabana Crush, Goldspun, Guavagold, Knockout Nude and Sunset.
  • Lip gloss juiced up with 8 hours of lasting shine.
  • Moisturizes and provides UV protection.
  • Glistening shades range from sheer to full intensity.

    Balmshell Lip Gloss
  • A slightly flavored, conditioning lip gloss with very unique packaging.
  • This unique formula creates a smooth high gloss finish to enhance and give the appearance of full supple lips.
  • Balmshell is slightly flavored with a hint of natural fruity vanilla.
  • All 15 shades are moisturizing and non-sticky, but vary in sparkle and shimmer.

Stila Lip Glaze Gloss.

  • An ultra-high shine lip gloss in a nifty click pen.
  • Stila's ever-popular lip gloss keeps the lips glossier, longer.
  • The gloss gives lips a punch of color and adds a delicious scent.
  • Whatever sweet flavor you are in the mood for, it is sure to be found in this collection of classic shades.

Chapstick Lip Balm

  • This is the original formula that relieves, moisturises, soothes and prevents dry, cracked and chapped lips.
  • ChapStick Classic also contains SPF 15 to protect your lips from the suns harmful rays.
  • When lips are exposed to the sun, wind, or cold it apply frequently for maximum protection.
  • It Relieves, moisturises, soothes and prevents dry, cracked and chapped lips.
  • It helps in prevent and temporarily protects chafed, chapped, cracked, or windburned lips
    helps prevent sunburn. The higher SPF gives more sunburn protection.


  • Get a shiny pink intuitive lip gloss, this innovative silky formula goes on clear and then reacts with your personal skin.
  • O-GLOSS is packed with our exclusive microcirculating Goji Berry-C Complex and it GLOWs that turns cheeks the shade you blush naturally!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Lipsticks And Their Shades

  • Ensure your lips are soft and supple by smoothing over moisturizer before you start.
  • Prime your lips by smoothing them with foundation, using a make-up sponge so you reach every tiny crevice on the surface.
  • Dust over the top of the foundation with a light dusting of your usual face powder, to help your lipstick stay for longer
  • Atleast once a week, smooth on some petroleum jelly and let it soak in and set for five minutes. Then, taking a toothbrush covered in warm water, brush your lips gently. This will work as a spa for your smile, making the end of dry and dead skin.
  • Rest your elbow on a firm surface and carefully draw an outline using a lip pencil, that it does-drag your .Make sure that you warm it slightly in your palm.
  • Starting from the upper lip,draw a neat outline and then repeatedly draw a neat outline on your lower lip. Finish by completing the edges of the outline to your upper lip.Use a lip brush to fill in the outline with lipstick, ensuring you reach into every tiny crevice on the surface.
  • Open your mouth to brush the color into the corners of your lips. You'll help your lipstick last longer if you blot over the surface with a tissue. It'll also give an attractive, semi- matte finish to your lips.
  • The upper lip generally appears thinner than the bottom one. As the bottom lip is your point of reference to balance out the contour of both lips, outlining the upper lip is must. The golden rule when penciling out the upper lip is that the width of the bottom lip should equal in proportion the width of the upper lip, from the pointed side of the cupid bow to the centre slit of the mouth.
  • Which Lipstick is being used it should be of branded company otherwise your lips can suffer.
  • Uses a lip brush and enjoys different shades of lipsticks.
  • Never use a test lipstick on your lips. It's just plain unhygienic. Instead of this, test lipstick shades on your fingertips. It's a closer fit to your lips than the back of your hand.
  • Use liner on your lips as a base. Lipstick will last longer if you fill in your lips with the liner first. If you're using light lipstick, try a nude liner. Then slick your lipstick on top. Never use a dark liner with light lipstick.
  • Defined lips are great, but make sure the liner matches the lipstick or gloss. Dark liner and light lips is tacky.
  • Keep lipstick off your teeth with this trick. After applying lipstick, take your forefingure and pop it in your mouth, then pull it out. The excess lipstick will come off on your finger rather than your teeth.
  • Lipstick can act as a crimson. But never use crimson as a lipstick.
  • The older you are, the 'creamier' your lips should look. Women over 50 should avoid matte or a gloss and stick with a creamy lipstick.
  • Don't throw out a bad color lipstick. Beauty editors know you can create a great lipcolor by coalescing lipsticks you don't like.
  • You can also color in lips with a darker liner before applying a lipstick that's too bright. For chubby lips, apply liner just outside your instinctive lipline.
  • Splash a bit of gloss in the middle of your bottom lip. Keep lip gloss on longer with liner. Lip gloss is ill-famed for wearing off fast, but if you fill in lips first with the liner, the gloss has something to stick to. cure- don't throw out -- a broken lipstick.
  • If your lipstick breaks off, simply take off the broken portion with a tissue, then slowly beckon a lit match under the broken piece of lipstick. When it's melted a bit, put it back on the base, pivot it down and put it in the fridge -- uncovered -- for 30 minutes.
  • Avoid orange or brown shades, including colour averaging a deep pink. They tend to make teeth appear yellow.
  • Disguise yellowed teeth. To downplay a yellow cast to teeth, try lipsticks with a blueish undertone. Shades that work include plums, pinks, vinos and purplish. Keep lipstick off glass. With discretion biff your lips before taking a sip from a glass. It works!
  • Experiment with blending lipsticks and glosses. Real lipstick buffs create their own lipstick shades by combining different color and even formulations. You can start with a lusterlessness lipstick, follow with a bright shade and ceiling it off with a colored gloss.
  • Lip liner is to apply first – however it is much more effective as a follower to the main color, and will help you to avoid that despicable line residue.
  • Press your lips together and you get a faker albuminoid boost that will make your mouth more beguiling and full of life.
  • A unique trick in the quest for a refurbished smile is often found in a little creativity. Don't be afraid to mix your glosses and lipsticks, creating a color it will look creative.
  • Applying little creativeness in mixing the shades you will be sitting jolly with your creation raising your look and bringing you enviable style.
  • Lipstick plays an important role do apply it directly from the tube. Using a lip brush or other tool to apply will help you to have color longevity, in turn, extending the life of your sexy lips.
  • Using a lip liner one shade darker than your general lip color will help your mouth to stand out and give you aelusive, yet dramatic enhancement to your makeup. Dark lipstick will help you to look marvelous. Be sure to smear to avert overkill. There is a fine line between beautiful and tacky when it comes to dark lip colors, so be carefull! However, if you do it right, you will look captivating.
  • A final tip for lips is to remember to always keep your favorite gloss and ointment on hand. Compulsive lip lickers will tell you that your lips will dry out quickly if you are perpetually licking away.
  • Using a medicated ointment or gloss regularly throughout the day will help to protect your lips and keep them going strong.
  • However, many women avoid harsh tactics and instead are enjoying the results of plumpers and traditional lip colors.
  • Sheer lipsticks allow your own lip color to shine through and are there fore more universal than more opaque lipsticks and less likely to overwhelm your features.
  • Sheer formulas have the added bonus of being very moisturizing and lightweight.
  • Cream lipsticks are the happy medium when it comes to lipstick - they're moist, but they wear longer than sheer lipsticks.
  • Shimmer lipsticks are very long wearing, but are not everyone's cup of tea. Unlike shimmery eye shadow or blush, a shimmer lipstick can be flattering at any age. Their light reflecting quality has the added bonus of making the lips look fuller. The downside is that shimmer formulas look terrible on dry, chapped lips.
  • Matte lipsticks are the longest wearing formulas. They are a good choice if you are trying to make a bold statement with your lip color. The downside of matte formulas is that they are extremely drying, so should not be worn by anyone with dry, chapped lips.
  • Your lips are the one area of your face where you can really play with color.
  • Use deep, rich colors in the winter (burgundy, chocolate, plum, reds), lighter.
  • More pastel tones in the spring (pinks, lavenders).
  • Any color in a sheer or glossy formula for summer and warm earth tones for autumn (brown-based mauves, nudes, warm golden reds).
Few Color Guidelines
  • If you are super fair, a little color goes a long way. Stick to nudes, beige tones, light corals, light pinks.
  • If your complexion is medium colored, try a brown-based mauve, sheer berry or spicy brown lipstick.
  • If your complexion is whitish, you will look great in red, especially) reds with golden undertones (rather than blue). Pink shimmer also looks great.
  • If your complexion is darker colors look best in rich, deep shades Dark burgundy, chocolate, plum in any formula.
  • These are just guidelines. You should select lipstick in any formula or color that makes you happy. Lipstick is, after all, a temporary fix. You can always wipe it off and try that new, hopefully perfect shade.

Lipstick fixer:

First apply a thin layer of lipstick. Then, scoop out a blusher (or eye shadow in a matching shade) with a cotton bud or a lipstick brush before applying it on the lips. Apply a second layer of your lippy and you are ready.

Lipstick Sealer
For the lipstick to stay you can apply lipstick sealer as it seal and holds lipstick. After putting on lipstick simply brush it lightly all over the lipstick and keep lips apart until dry. The lipstick will last longer. Always remember that what ever the shape A rounded cupid gives a fuller more sensual smile while a pointed angular one signs a more assertive outgoing personality.
After exfoliating, consider using lip liner to accentuate your mouth after applying your lipstick.

MAC Lipstick

  • Britiny spears and other celebrities support the Viva Glam Lipstick. These lipsticks were first introduced in 1994, and they are still extremely popular.
  • Viva Glam is the original. This is an intense bluish-brown matte red.
  • Viva Glam II is a muted pinkish brown shade. It has a satin finish with a subtle hint of shimmer.
  • Viva Glam III is a muted brownish plum lipstick with a matte finish.
  • Viva Glam IV has a mid-tone pink color with a subtle gold shimmer. It was introduced in 2002.
  • Viva Glam V this is a neutral pearl-pink lipstick has been flying off shelves ever since.
  • Viva Glam VI is the latest and this is warm terracotta plum shade has a subtle pearl shine that looks good on almost everyone.

Lipstick Collections
MAC offers a wide and diverse collection of lipsticks to suit your every need.

  • Lipstick Collections.
  • Type of Lipstick .
  • Significant Qualities.

  • Raquel Welch Lipstick
    Has a glossy black casing with the collection’s signature tiger print pattern on the cover. This line offers six gorgeous shades, from mid-tone berry pink, to a creamy light coral, to neutral yellow-toned beige; this line has something for everyone.
  • MAC Couture Lipstick
    Worthy of the title couture, this MAC lipstick comes with unique packaging while the lipstick itself is luxurious, and ultra-creamy. This lipstick also provides medium to full coverage, with an intense shine. This line also comes in three shades:
  • House of Style: pearl rose pink.
  • Couture: plum mauve with a reflective pink pearl sheen.
  • Influential: darkened gold pearl peach.
  • Lipstick
    Simply named Lipstick, this is the original. This lipstick stands out with over a hundred shades of satin, matte, and gloss finishes.
  • Lip Varnish
    This is a liquid lip color that is full of high-gloss shine. It leaves a wet shine finish in a rich vibrant color. Lightweight and non-sticky.
  • Lacquer
    Packed with color and a high veneer gloss, it comes in eight colors; all that deliver the color you want and the shine you crave.
  • Pro LongWear Lipcolor
    This lipstick is applied in two steps. First, apply the specially formulated base coat. Next, flip the stick and apply the clear gloss. This lipstick is smudge, run, transfer, and feather proof.
  • Pro LongWear Lustre Lipcolor
    This is also a two step process, but it’s worth it for the lightweight color and mirror shine. This lipstick has sheer to medium coverage with a rich, moisturizing finish. Also transfer, feather, smudge proof. Over fifteen shades are available.

Pro LongWear Gloss Coat
Use this on top of your Pro LongWear Lipcolor to create a long-lasting application of color and shine. Available in Pearlizer, Crystalizer, Pink Iridesce and Mirror.

Putting It All Together
MAC is one of those rare companies that provide exceptional products while still retaining the very virtues it was founded on.

  • MAC lipsticks are some of the best in the world.
  • They provide comfortable, long-wearing, feather-light coverage in over one hundred shades.
  • Not only can you choose from this plethora of colors, but you can also choose the exact coverage you need.
  • Whether you desire high shine, matte, cream, or satin, MAC has the lipstick for you
Red Lipstick
  • Applying lipstick can truly be an art form. When you are working with red lipstick, the application is particularly important.
  • Red is a strong color and when applied to your face it will draw the eye to that spot. When everyone is looking at your lips, you want to be sure everything is in its proper place.
  • Start with a lip liner that closely matches your natural lip color – not the color of your lipstick.
  • If the liner color is too dark it will look harsh; your liner is merely a base to hold the color on your lips. Line the lips first and then fill them in with the lip liner.
  • Apply the lipstick next, ideally with a lip brush for a more accurate even surface. Then, blot the lips and cover with face powder. This will help the color to last longer. Reapply the lipstick and then blot again.
  • Lastly, check the look in the mirror with a big smile!
  • To prevent your lipstick from bleeding – a horrendous affect with red lipstick – place your face powder around the lips after applying your lip color. For additional protection, apply the powder with an extra lip brush to ensure that it holds into the little winkles around the lips.

The Looks of Red
There is certainly a time and place for red lipstick.

Expanding Your Lip Line

  • Red is a particularly good color choice for lining outside of your natural lip line.
  • Simply line with the lip liner pencil in a natural lip color around the outside of the normal edge of your lips and fill in with the red lip color.
  • The brightness of the red will cause your lips to comfortably look larger and fill in the additional area you have drawn.
  • Add red lipstick for the right about of contrast to your lips and face. Just make sure that the darker lips are matched with makeup around the eyes to balance out your face.
  • Nothing with freshen up your face and appearance quicker than a smudge of red lip color – even rub a small amount into your cheeks to wake up your face.
  • Add some long eye lashes and shimmer eye shadow to your red lipstick and off you go. For that extra touch, create a beauty mark just above your lips with a spot of black eyeliner.
  • A strong red is best for olive skin, while the medium tone Caucasian woman should wear a more delicate red color.

Tips for Red Lipstick

  • Cream or matte lip color is best for a strong red shade.
  • A true red is better bought straight from the store instead of trying to mix your own.
  • Darker shades are suitable on larger lips as the deep reds have a tendency to make lips look thinner.
  • Red lipstick is optimum for a younger woman, but not too young. The bright red color is too dramatic for teens and tends to make an older women look more aged.
  • When mixing your own lip colors, use red as an addition to brighten up your combination. Just add in small amounts.
  • If red is your favorite lipstick but it doesn’t work with your skin type, tone it down with a neutral color and create your own personalized lip covering.
  • Add a little shimmer to your red lipstick to combat the tendency that red has to make your lips look smaller.
  • Even if red lip color is definitely not your shade, keep a small tube around to seal your love notes with a kiss of red.

Types of Lipstick Lip color comes in many forms. Among them are:

  • Lip Liner - Available in pencils and automatic applicators, used to define lips. It also helps in improving lipstick's staying power and preventing "bleeding", particularly with older women.
  • Lipstick - The main component in lip color, used to shade the majority of the lip surface. May be frosted, glossy, or matte; available in thousands of shades.
  • Lip Gloss - A shiny lip covering, either colored, frosted, or clear. Gloss may be applied alone or to add shine to traditional lip color.