Thursday, May 31, 2007

Beautiful Hairs

Beautiful Hair :

How to achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful hair.

Three main things are needed for a hair care to have a good health, special care regarding the cleanliness of the hairs, and precaution while using cosmetic treatments.

Adequate Diet :

  • Hair growth depends on an adequate diet. A diet problem which may causes the loss of hair which is caused due to iron deficiency Anaemia. This is cause due to lack of iron in the blood, brought on by a diet containing meat, eggs, protiens and vitamins. Fresh fruits and green vegetables are also needed to provide vitamin C, the milk which provides nutritional diet to our body which is enriched with the vitamin ABDEF.
  • Cutting the hair - It is easier to keep the hair clean when they are cut short. Regular cutting does not make the hair grow strong or faster.
  • How hair can be damaged -Although scalp hair is hard, it can get damaged by applying too much perming and hair dyeing, Blonde, bleaching and massage. The amount of beautying the hairs of the person having different variety of hairs. Some people apply die to look younger then their age but what happens they become young for few days after than that they lose their eyesight as well as their hairs turns white they become older before age. To prevent this occuring, the dye should be tested by applying it to a small area on the arm. If inflammation occurs, the dye must not be applied on the hair.
  • Most of the people who bleach their hair which is done with hydrogen peroxide. If the peroxide is repeatedly applied, it may make the hair brittle. If this happens the hair may turn rough, or become thinned or shortened.

Hair and its Care:

Hair and its caring tips for beautiful hair.

  • Shake Dandruff Away - Control the dandruff by applying proper care by using anti dandruff shampoo.
  • Air Dry- Prevent the hairs from dry air some peoples after washing their hairs dry it with dryers excessive use may harm our hair and they may get hard or rough either they may fall.
  • Right Way To Wash Your Hair - washing of the hair check proper water is used to clean the hairs when the shampoo is used see that the water clean the shampoo clearly if it get unwashed the hair may get turned white.
  • Versatile Haircut - Versatile haircutting is done due to proper guideness through experts.
  • Hair Color - Now a days peoples have started using colouring hairs to look more stylish as well as attractive. but they are unaware of the harm caused by the colouring of the hairs they may get whitened because of colouring we may lose the natural colour of the hairs.
  • Hair Straightener - Aniston's hairstylist regarding the hair straightened.
  • conditioner- Some people apply conditioner after washing their hairs so they must apply proper conditioner cheapest commodities may harm our hairs.
  • Hair salon - Avoid Salons where cleanliness is not prefered in diesesed area our hair may have downfall.
  • Hair Brush Solutions - Use the right type of hairbrush which while brushing dont harm our hairs dont apply somebody else comb it is harmfull to do so.
  • Oiling Hair - Some people dont apply oil on their hairs oil provides extra nourishment to our hair which is strongly needed for our hairs without oil our hairs doent get proper nourishment therefore applied at night and wash it with shampoo when you wake up.
  • Hair Accessories - Use your own hair clips.
  • Hair cutting - Dont copy somebody else hair cut see what cutting suits your. Proper hairstyles suit a persons personality.
  • Healthy conditioner homemade - use egg as a conditioner apply this treatment at night and wash it early in the morning it would conditioned your hairs which will give smoothness and shine to your hairs.
  • Adding Shine To Your Hair - Use good conditioner after washing your hairs.
  • Coloring Your Hair - Colouring should be done under the guideness of experts.
  • blundness- Again blundness is a hinderance in the way of beauty. To prevent blundness applied proper oil treatment.
  • Get Rid Of Dandruff - The cure is to use anti dandruff shampoo.
  • How To Brush Long Hair Properly - Comb softly hard and rough combing on the hairs could damage our hairs apply the comb slowly and softly.
  • How Often Should I Color My Hair? - From the expert guidens a person should colour his hairs this is not risky under the guidens of some experts.
  • Conditioner- Hair should provide proper conditioner after having a bath.
  • Foods To Avoid For Healthy Hair - Eat more diet nutritional food for healthy hairs.
  • Hair Color Mistakes - These are very common, but it could easily be solved by getting guideness from the saloon experts which colour will be best for our hairs.
  • Hair Drying and The Brush - Two times in a month should we apply dryers not in an excessive quality it would harm our hairs.
  • Shiny Hair - Shining of ther hairs does consist of proper diet if a person is diet conscious and drink milk which contains of Vitamins ABEDK. This vitamins provides necessary nutritional to the body which strengthen our hairs.
  • Hair - Hairstyles, haircuts and hair care tips.

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