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  • Waxing is a method of hair elimination for short term that takes away the hair from the starting place.

  • Fresh hairs will not come back in the formerly waxed part of the body for 3-8 weeks.

  • Any part of the body can be waxed, containing face, eyebrows, legs, back, feet, and abdomen and bikini area.

  • There are different methods of waxing to take away the undesired hair from body.

  • Spreading a combination of wax finely over the surface of skin does waxing. After that, a paper strip or piece of cloth is compressed on the top and split off with a fast action in opposition to the direction of hair development.

  • It takes away the wax with dead skin cells and hair, making the skin soft, clean and smooth.

  • Other technique of waxing includes warm wax, a soft wax directly used to the surface of skin.
    After that, the wax becomes very hard while it cools, so enabling the simple hair elimination through a therapist without the help of cloths pieces.

  • Waxing is the most useful method to individuals with sensitive skin.

  • New development of hair in waxed portions is fine and soft, not coarse and sharp as shaved hair.

  • After constant waxing for parts such as the lower portion of legs and eyebrows, regrowth of hair is less common and finally the hair will not grow again.

Different kinds of Waxing
There are different forms of waxing. Wax should be done under the guidens of experts other wise hairs which is not properly waxed could damage the hair and a person might face trouble cause due to damage of the hairs.So the Wax treatment should be apply under the guideness of experts.

Various kinds of waxing, which can be done are:

  • Brazillian waxing, Bikini and Male genital waxing.

  • Underarm or arm waxing.

  • Foot waxing.

  • Full wax.

  • Eyebrow waxing.

  • Back waxing.

  • Complete body wax.

  • Chest waxing.

  • Many areas of the human body can be waxed, but further areas, not listed above are not provided special concern. Different parts of body should not wax contain nose, ears and even eyelashes.

  • The parts of the body that must be waxed through a licensed expert contain the male genitals, female genitals and breast.

Advantages and Disadvantages
There are lots of advantages of waxing as compared to other methods of hair elimination.

  • Waxing is the most excellent method to remove undesired hair for long term.

  • In waxed portion of the body, the hair will not come back for 3-8 weeks; while the hair does come back it is thin and soft.

  • While hair is taken away with the help of depilatory cream or shaved, the hair is taken away at the surface rather than the starting place. The hair can be noticed on the skin within some days.

Disadvantages:There are lots of disadvantages of waxing also.

  • It can be harmful while the paper strip is split from the surface of skin. However, one experiences pain for short time, it cannot be comfortable.

  • Other disadvantage is that it is very costly as done by licensed specialist. While split in opposition to the hair development, the wax strip can be disturbed hair follicles, making hair to start to develop in dissimilar directions.

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