Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lips Make up

Lips make up should be in contrast with the face make up and your dress.

  • Lip pencil:
    You should choose a lip pencil that matches the shade of lipstick. Choose a bit darker shade than the shade of lipstick.

  • Lipstick:
    They come in a variety of color. The color chosen must match not only with make up but also with the dress you are wearing.


  • Before applying lipstick, prime your lips with some foundation and powder to remove all color from your lips.

  • Outline your lips using a sharp lip liner pencil. The shade of your pencil should be same as that of lipstick.

  • For the upper lips, start from the centre and move out towards the corner of the mouth.

  • For the lower lip, work from side to side.

  • Take some lipstick into a brush and fill along the outline of the lips. For the upper lip, start from the centre and work outwards and for the lower lip, work from side to side.

  • Don’t apply too much of color.

  • Open your mouth wide and brush the color into the corners, so the edges must not remain unfilled.

  • Use Vaseline or cream to give shine to your lips after applying lipstick.

Tips to be followed:

  • Heavy eye make up should be balanced with the soft lip color and to compliment soft eye make up, wear rich colored lipstick.

  • To avoid smudging, apply foundation on your lips before applying lipstick.

  • Blot your lips with tissue paper for natural looks.

  • For a different look, you can use shining lip liner.

Shaping up of lips:

  • Shaping lips can make you look attractive.

  • For thick lips: This type of lip appear smaller if you draw the outline just within the natural shape. You must use medium toned lip color and avoid dark brows, plums and pale shimmer shades .

  • For thin lips: They can be easily corrected by taking the pencil outside the natural lip line. Work on it slowly and steadily to get the perfect shape. Fill in with the lipstick. A highlight of frosting on the upper lip would create an impression of fullness .

  • For shapeless lips: Try to make the most flattering shape by stressing the centre of the lips and then fill.

  • Lip care:
    Massage your lips with coriander leaf juice to make it soft and rosy.
    Use lip primers to combat dry lips.
    Mix a pinch of crushed sugar in a little lip balm and apply it for fifteen minutes on your lips..

  • Dark lips:
    There are various reason for the lips to get dark that is the use of cheap brand of lipstick, heavy application of lipstick, sun exposure, drinking tea or coffee in excess. The prime cause of dark lips is smoking. Check whether you are not wearing expired lipstick. It can also be due to dryness and allergy. For maintaining red lips, fresh air, vitamins and iron are required. Keep your lips free from lipstick as much as you can. Take plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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