Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wedding Make up

Wedding makeup
The big day is coming – take the chance and to look the most beautiful. Not much since he proposed. Try the wedding dress on for the last time. Everything already arranged. What about special makeup?The main stress is to be given on the makeup part. No matter your experience or lack of experience in the field of makeup, it is the inevitable part of the preparations. You are wondering whether to count on yourself or look for help at the beautician. It is up to you, but remember – you don’t have got any time for experiments. If you hasn’t treated your skin properly before wedding, there is nothing you or a professional can do. You do not have to visit solarium before the ceremony, especially if you hasn’t used it before.Prebridal is considered necessery before the wedding ceremony. It’s better to match dress’ colour to your skin than have your skin irritated by artificial light just before the wedding. But when you go to the beautician ask them to try out the latest invention – Air Brush which provides a nice coulour by applying pigment in the form of mist. Compressors, spray guns, bronzing fluids – these are the things the beautician needs to create perfect tan without spots or patches. The tan will last up to 7 days.
What’s your dream wedding makeup? Delicate or extravagant? Remember that wedding makeup is aimed at making you more beautiful not changing you. If you do not use makeup at all or your everyday makeup is delicate, do not decide on extravagance and the other way round.
Try to use make up which is water proof because sometimes the water spoils the whole makeup ask your make up experts to use waterproof makeup. What to do to be able to cry with happiness without worrying about your makeup? Personally, I advise to rely on a professional beautician. Let her be responsible for the overall effect. If you can afford it – do not hesitate.
If you still have doubts, let yourself be put to the wedding makeup test. It isn’t obligatory – especially if you know the beautician and trust her. During the test for me it’s a clue how to make the bride’s face. Therefore, the test lasts longer than applying the makeup on the wedding day.
During the test I analyze the individual colouring of my client. I examine what colours emphasise her appearance type. It depends mostly how the appearance of a person is if it has got a dark complexion if it has a wheatish appearance if he does have a fair complexion. Finally, I propose a set of the most suitable colours. You may use the set later on when buying clothes or cosmetics. If you haven’t had the chance to undergo a colour analysis – do it now, before your wedding. Proper colours will make your physical appearance more important than your clothes.
Wedding makeup should be delicate, radiant and fresh. The colours depend on your appearance type, your wedding dress and accessories you’ve chosen. If you want a little extravagance – remember it to be balanced and match your look! Dark use of the lipsticks faden the wedding charms of the bride some womens avoid using eye shadows or a lipstick. They are afraid they won’t look natural or their partner will be displeased, as he always says: "You look best without makeup". If he pays such a compliment just before the wedding, do not treat it too seriously. Take care of yourself just as women do – men won’t understand it anyway. But they admire final effects!
If you don’t like strong makeup, I have good news for you. Modern makeup should be invisible. A woman ought to look fresh, natural, elegant, so makeup is just a complement of her image. Natural makeup will emphasize your beauty, and you we’ll be well groomed and more confident.
So, a Bride to be, I wish you looked the most beautiful in the world not only on this very special day, but throughout the whole life.

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