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Improve Skin Complexion-Tips and Treatment

Improved skin complexion

Skin is a living organisium it activates perpetually rejuvenates itself. Take routine care of your skin it will support, elasticity, and shine. Taking care of your skin might be very important for you, so before you spend money on skin products, it is important to know what type of skin you have and what kind of care it needs. The knowledge of the skin what type of skin is yours is a mustkeeping knowledge about your skin in this way you will be able to concentrate more about the products and the cosmetics which products you have to use in your daily routines. Which products soothes your skin better and you will be aware of the new brands available in the markets.

There are four skin types: oily, dry, sensitive and combination.

  • If your skin gets dehydrated, lacks oil, it is considered dry. Dry skin lacks elasticity and can be extremely sensitive to the sun, wind, and cold temperatures. Wash your face twice in a day time with milk cleanser and warm water. Use toner to help with that tight and conspicuously feeling of dehydration. Apply natural cleansers.

  • If your skin is oily, it is more prone to pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads than other skin types. Your skin tends to attract more dirt than dry skin, so wash your face twice a day with a gentle non-foaming cleanser and warm water. Rinse with warm water. Use hydrating toner to remove additional residue. .

  • If your skin changes with seasons dryer in winter, oilier in summer it is considered normal. Wash your face with cleansers that are designed for your normal skin type. Apply hydrating toner all over the face. Apply moisturizer more frequently to dry skin.

  • If your skin has allergic reactions to beauty products and is sensitive to the sun, wind, and cold weather, it is sensitive. Sensitivity can show up in redness, inflammation and pain. Cleanse, tone and moisturizing with gentle products everyday. For your skin choose the products which soothes the skin complexion. For skin complexion and care if it suits the body complexion you can use chamomile, bisabolol, lavender, camphor, calamine, rosemary, aloe vera etc.

  • Applying sunscreen lotion it provides you minimum protection daily. Sun's rays are slant rays in winters and can cause damage to the skin complexion in winters .

  • Use homemade masks to moisturize your skin. Mix grapes, lemon and egg white is very helpful for oily skin. Washing your face with plain refrigerated yogurt every night makes most acne cases vanish within a few days.

  • Avoid stretching or pulling on the delicate skin near your eyes when putting on creams or cosmetics. This delicate area shows age markings like wrinkles much sooner than it should when subjected to too much rough handling.

  • Wash all cosmetics off when you are at home avoid wearing cosmetics whenever possible to give your skin a rest.

  • Apply conselours of branded companies.

  • Avoid wearing hair products to bed. The combination of hair products and facial oils on the pillowcase can cause blemishes.

  • Avoid touching your skin as much as possible.

  • Oil blotting sheets can help absorb oil through the day so you are not tempted to re-apply powder or foundation, or overwash your face.

  • Vitamins are essential for healthy skin, especially vitamins A, B,and C. Vitamin E helps to improve the complexion when applied externally.

  • Over washing skin can make it red and sore and apply non chemical soap.

  • Toner can dry out skin if used too often

To have a fair complexion, here are a few recipes to help to lighten your skin tone.

  • The paste made out of sandalwood and rose water may be aplied everyday.

  • Turmeric paste combined with sandal wood paste makes your skin fairer.

  • Cucumber juice with coconut milk combined together in proportion may be applied.

  • Massage with coconut water all over face and neck to lighten skin tone.

  • Almonds ground to a paste using rose water or milk is said to make your skin fair.

  • Make a paste using red sandalwood and rose water this will whitens your complexion.

Some More Tips:

  • Use a cleanser containingVitamin C ,exfoliating and brightening ingredient in it.

  • Pomegranate seed, grape seed, alpha lipoic acid, a light alpha hydroxy acid although these fruit acids are sensitive if they are not too sensitive they acts as a exfoliating and brightening agent.

  • For the maximum glow and natural look is a serum which contains a gentle fruit acid, such as Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, which is also firming, or any other fruit or exfoliating acid ment for brightening.

  • Apply a thin layer of serum to the whole face, let it dry, then apply normal moisturizing lotion with SPF.

  • Then apply foundation. Be sure to choose a shade of foundation that is not too dark, nor too light.Test the colour and allow the right colour there to make sure that it suits your skin tone.

  • For warmer shades, apply warm ivory or bisque color rather than the shades with red undertones.

  • To mix a good moisturizer with fruit based acid it will act as a right with your foundation.

  • Mix sugar with a few drops of lemon juice to get a fresh glow.

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