Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sunburn Relief

Get Soothing, Cooling Relief and Treatment from Sunburn

Get soothing, cooling sunburn relief with these top skin caring products for severe sunburn relief. Emu Oil, Aloe, Vitamin E and Menthol works to repair damaged skin, promote healthy skin cell development while deep moisturizing and cooling heals sunburn symptoms

Dermal Em® Sunburn Relief

  • Emu Oil, Menthol, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E are used for sunburn relief and to treat burns and rashes, Emu Oil and Vitamin E provide soothing relief to sunburned skin.

  • Its deep fathoming and naturally moisturizing properties help in curative burned skin and promote new skin cell development.

  • Assuasive, Healing Sunburn Treatment .

  • An anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, Dermal Em® calms and soothes inflammed skin.

  • It reduces peeling, and moisturizes dry skin allowing the fastest regeneration of new, healthy skin.

Sunburn Causes:

  • Sunburn is caused by too much exposure to the sun. The sun’s ultraviolet light includes UVB (burning ray) and UVA (tanning ray) light wavelengths.

  • UVA is what causes skin damage, including skin cancer, advanced aging and wrinkling.

  • Reddening (and blistering) of the skin is due to injury and swelling of blood vessels close to the skin's surface.

  • Burns may begin a few minutes after exposure and can worsen for several days.

  • Avoiding sunburn is the best remedy and advice even a single, severe burn at an early age can result in irreversable damage.

  • The best sunburn remedies and treatments bring relief to the burn as well as heal to the skin.

  • Though cooling with lidocaine-skin care products its useful for temporaray pain relief, antiseptic and healing properties are necessary to avoid damaged skin.

  • Wearing adequate, protective clothing and remaining shaded is most helpful to get protected from the sunscreen.

  • Ensure you thoroughly cover vulnerability of the skin the most common burns effects in the area where the skin is uncovered.

  • When get burned, try the following:

  • Drink plenty of liquid to remain hydrated.

  • A light touch with a cool and wet compress against damaged skin.

  • For painful burns, use lidocaine and aloe vera products to cool and provide a topical antiseptic.

  • Most burns peel within few days so avoid physically peeling.

  • The exposed skin can become infected because it is quite sensitive.

  • Apply a hydrating moisturizing cream.

  • Hydration promotes faster healing, and clinically proven oils.

  • (Dermal Em®) heal and soften and protects from bacteria and inflammation.

  • Emu Oil is a deep penetrating, natural moisturizer that helps eliminate scars, stretchmarks, treat acne and skin rash, moisturize dry skin and eliminate skin irritation, and redness.

  • An all-natural anti bacterial, anti microbial and anti inflammatory, Emu Oil and soothes and moisturizes skin.

  • It Soothes, cools & heals sunburned skin.

  • Deep moisturizers Emu Oil, Menthol, Aloe & Vitamin E.

  • Transdermal properties penetrate deep into skin.

  • Promotes healthy skin care.

  • Anti infammatory.

Emu Moisturizing Lotion

  • For dry skin apply Emu oil, Aloe Butter, Soy Lecithin and an all natural base for the healthiest, softest skin.

  • Super-Hydrating skin moisturizer!

  • Skin Moisturizer.

  • Transdermal penetration.

  • Heals dry skin and skin rash.

  • Gently repairs skin and heals.

Hempz Sunburn Relief

  • Hempz Sunburn Relief soothes, calms and cools overexposed skin with nurturing and sunburn relief qualities.

  • Enriched with pure hemp seed oil and extract for dramatic skin rehydration, nourishment and conditioning.

  • Tea Tree Oil helps soothe painful burns and reduce blistering and peeling.

  • Skin Recovery System helps stimulate the skin’s natural ability to recover from UV exposure and minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Enriched with pure hemp seed oil and extract for dramatic skin rehydration, nourishment and conditioning.

  • Effective sunburn relief and treatment

Australian Gold Outdoor Sun Protection Aloe Freeze Gel

  • Australian Gold Aloe Freeze Spray Gel Provides temporary pain relief from sunburns, minor burns, windburn and other skin irritations.

  • Sunburn Pain Reliever Contains Lidocaine, a topical anesthetic (gel only) to provide additional relief from the discomfort of sunburn.

  • Child-proof cap provided as safety precaution.

  • Lidocaine is considered a medical ingredient.

  • Formulated with Aloe, Vitamin E, Panthenol and Herbal Extracts to soothe, heal and nourish skin.

  • Temporary cooling sunburn relief.

  • Outdoor sun protection.

  • It provides temporary pain relief.

  • It helps with sunburns, minor burns, windburn & other skin irritations.N

  • No sunscreens.

  • Soothing sunburn pain reliever.

  • A topical anesthetic.

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