Wednesday, June 25, 2008


  • Bleaching has stuff that coalesce into the skin and lighten facial hair.
  • It is not removal of otiose hair but it makes it substantially less obtrusive.
  • There are three kinds of bleach, all unkind on the skin, but the degrees of scathe may vary.
  • The home bleach we would prepare by mixing 2tsp milk powder in a liquid hydrogen peroxide to make a thick paste and, if hair is very dark and rough, mix in a drop of liquid ammonia. This results in to be the least harmful kind of bleach.
  • The powder milk in the mixture moisturizes the skin while bleaching, it prevent the skin from burns and other chemical reactions.
  • Cream bleach is available in the markets try the bleach which is easy to use avoid the harmful. Results last for between two and six weeks .
  • Bleaching is not suitable for coarse hair as the chemical in bleach makes hair more unannealed.
  • Before applying the product mix the product as directed.
  • Apply the bleach to a small area of your arm for 15 minutes then check any redness or irritation within 24 hours,if you feel better then you can use the bleach. But apply it with care.
  • First of all we have to clean the area where the bleach is to be applied lightly wash skin with cool water and gentle soap.
  • Don’t use hot water, it will make the skin more sensitive to the bleach.
  • Avoid using more then directed because bleach may cause harm to the skin.
  • While applying the product cover the hair completely.
  • Do not rub the cream harsly into skin.
  • Leave product on about 10 minutes or the time suggested by the manufacturer. If it starts to burn, take it off immediately.
  • Check by removing the bleach on a small portion with cool water and see if it’s lightened enough. If it is not, cover back small area of hair and keep bleach on another 5 minutes.
  • Take bleach off. Using cool water remove all bleach and a lightly touch using a towel.
  • Bleaching doesn't remove hair, but can make it appear less noticeable because it lightens the color of hair to a light shade of blonde. Results last anywhere from 2- 6 weeks.
  • It's fast, easy, and without a lot of risks.
  • Bleaching creme can be found at any drug store fairly cheap, and you can bleach right in your own home.
  • Bleaching doesn't give you a smooth and hairless surface.
  • Not all hair or skin types can benefit. Don't count on bleaching disguising long or thick hair- only finer ones, like on the face or arms.
  • Bleached hair on dark or tan skin, can still stand out because of the color contrast (light hair against dark skin).
  • The results aren't very long-lived. The hair above the surface is the only part of the hair follicle that has been lightened. As the hair grows, you will see the darker, natural color.
  • A tingling sensation while the cream is working is normal, but shouldn't be painful.
  • A strong, burning feeling is a good indicator it's too strong for your skin, or you're allergic to a bleaching ingredient.

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