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How to take care of the skin in the winters

Winter is the season of fidgety, easily flakes forming, and chafed skin. There are several products through which we can take care of our body in winters . There are also quite a few things which you can remember and that will help you in taking adequate amount of care required for the body in winters. This will make your skin condition healthy and alimented.

  • Drink lots of water in winter it can benefits us in many during winters when the air is dry. Your body needs adequate amount of water constantly in winters so having several glasses of water throughout the day.

  • Use cold water in the winter for washing hands and rinsing the reason is because hot water dries you out.

  • Get rid of dry skin by applying natural cream on the skin by applying petrolium gelly onto it such as vaseline.

  • Use all natural products for relief. Always buy lotion, cream, or gel of the branded companies avoid cheap products they are harmful for skin complexion.The more natural ingredients it contains, the better would it react on the skin always use the product which are beneficial for your skin.

  • Glycerin is and natural oil help in nourishement and dries the skin with an quick absorbtion.

  • Add few drops of olive oil in the Bath water it will provides adequate amount of moisturization to the skin.

  • Avoid Stress it will soothe your body in winter.

  • Direct sun screen proves harmful for the soft skin therefore protect yourself from the direct heat of the Sun. Apply sunscreen lotions.

Is it necessary to have a winter skin care routine?

When the temperatures change, a change in your skin care routine is necessary. So use the following winter skin care tips to adjust your winter skin care routine as the cold weather draws near.

Winter Skin Care:

  • Taking a hot shower daily is important for the hygiene of your skin. If not hot then you can use warm water you can add few drops of oil in the warm water it will remove the dryness of the skin and moisturize it.

  • Apply your moisturizing cream immediately after bathing in the body.

  • Choose a good moisturizer for the skin.
  • Soften the lips by applying lip balm during winter the lips get moisturization. Lips become easily chapped during winter. The lip balm should protects the lips from winter it should have a good moisturizing quality and contains vitamin E.
  • If your lips are peeling, choose a product which contains the presence of AHA it soften the lips nightly.
  • Take care of your hands and fingures in winter because hands turns dry hands and fingers cracks . While performing household activities daily you to come into contact with water or chemicals a lot. So exposure to water actually dehydrates the skin faster. After washing your hands, just apply little oil so that while working dust get caught in it and you can easily wash with soap and get dust free in this way your hands will also get moisturized even they work hard in a day. You should do the same to your body after a bath.
  • The creams protect the skin from coldness and dryness in the winters. Use a good branded moisturizing cream.
  • Try to have minimize exposure of your skin to water. The less contact the better you would feel. If you have to do housework, wear protective gloves.
  • Take care of your hairs in winters. Little massage over hair will strengthen the hairs.
  • Get plenty of sleep! Sleep is when your body will rejuvenate itself.
  • When you are outside, in the winters the cold temperatures result in a poor blood circulation in your facial skin. As a result your skin does not get enough nutrients and oxygen and all the healthy, regenerative processes in your skin slow down. As a result, skin looses its healthy color and becomes dull or pale. Try to protect in coming contact with snow.
  • When you are inside, your skin is losing its moisture due to the dry environment created by indoor heating. As a result, it feels tight, dry and can start flaking.
  • When you shift between the cold outside and the warm and dry inside environments the difference is so big and stressful for your skin that your skin naturally cannot balance itself quickly enough. This results in loss of hydration, irritation, widened capillaries and redness. All of the above mentioned contributes to your skin’s misbalance, stress, sensitivity and dryness.
  • To keep your skin beautiful and healthy during winter you should: The first step is to rethink your skin care routine and skin care products you normally use.
  • Go Easier on daily cleansingl containing skin care in the winter. Choose a lighter non-stripping cleansing solution cleansing milk.
  • Emollients like petroleum or shea butter soften, soothe the skin, increase its ability to retain moisture and create a protective layer on the skin to prevent it from dehydration.
  • Occlusive ingredients in moisturizers provide protective layer on the skin’s surface to prevent it from loosing moisture.
  • Humectants-based products are usually recommended for oily and combination skin types, while emollient-based and occlusive-based ones for normal and dry types.
  • For your lips, choose a thicker moisturizer with shea butter, jojoba butter OR avocado oil and apply it every time before going outside as well as before going to bed.
  • Some protective and moisturizing lip care products are available as tinted glosses or balms.
  • Vitamins and Antioxidants: Help your skin to regain its energy and strength in winter by taking an antioxidant supplement. Most important antioxidants for the skin are Vitamin C, B, E, Zink and Magnesium.
  • Give yourself a mini-facial at home once or twice a week. Cleanse your skin. Use a mild exfoliating product selected for your skin type.
  • Do not give in to winter but to remain active and follow your daily routine habits.This keeps you fit and stimulates blood circulation in your whole body and of course your skin.

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