Monday, August 4, 2008

Alba Botanica Cleansers

Alba Botanica Deep Sea Facial Mask

Deep Sea Facial Mask :

  • This deep cleansing mask gently checks out impurities and the excess oil that can cause pores.
  • Sea enzymes and aloe vera tone and regenarate for a fresh, healthy complexion.
  • Kaolin clay effectively checks out excess oils and impurities.
  • Aloe vera and Alba's synergistic Organic Marine Complex hydrate, nourish and stimulate cell regeneration.

Alba Botanica Sea Enzyme Facial Scrub

Sea Enzyme Scrub:
  • This gentle exfoliating scrub with sea enzymes and aloe vera gently lifts away impurities and dull surface skin for improved clarity and healthy circulation.
  • Aloe vera and jojoba astragals soften and deepen, remove impurities.
  • It clarifies and refines the skin's texture.
  • It providing rejuvenating moisture.
  • Mineral-rich Organic Marine Complex detoxifies and firms, stimulating cell regeneration.

Alba Botanica Sea Lettuce Cleansing Milk

Sea Lettuce Cleansing Milk :

  • This gentle cleanser delivers soothing aloe and jojoba.
  • The stressed skin, gently lifting away make-up and impurities.
  • It maintains the skin's delicate pH .
  • It inculcating it with healing moisture.
  • Alba's innovative mixture of sea enzymes has a powerful regenerative effect.
  • It detoxifies and soothes your skin.
  • Aloe and jojoba soften the skin,it infusing it with rejuvinating moisture.
  • Alba's mineral-rich Organic Marine Complex detoxifies, firms and stimulates cell regeneration.

Alba Botanica Sea Mineral Cleansing Gel

Sea Mineral Cleansing Gel This refreshing cleanser gently foams away surface impurities to refresh and revitalize the skin, while sea minerals and aloe vera nourish and moisturize for a clean, healthy complexion. Aloe supplies soothing, nutrient rich protection to skin while Alba's synergistic Organic Marine Complex hydrates, nourishes, detoxifies, firms, and stimulates cell regeneration.

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