Friday, August 15, 2008

Perfumes seasons

Choosing perfume, problem of choice arises what to wear and when to wear this is quite confusing and complicated. Fragrance depicts the character of the person whether the person is shy or romantic Some wear it regularly, no matter what the occasion or season of the year. prefer to choose their perfume out of various collection and they choose a particular scent according to their mood or the occasion. Some fragrances are more suitable to particular occasions than others are. The best way of choosing a new perfume is to consider the season of the year. Perfumes react to the environment.

Summer Perfumes

  • In summer season, your perfume will evaporate quickly. You can check this by choosing a light, fragrance and applying it more often. You may try Light florals or citrus scents.

Winter Perfumes

  • In winter the perfume will stay for longer and evaporate slowly. Winter is a perfect time is to have full fragrance. Warmer scents like musk and deep.

Springtime is in the Air

  • Spring and autumn are transitional seasons try choosing a light floral or tangy citrus scents.

Autumn Aromas

  • In the autumn it is the right time to use the light summer perfumes and the deeper richer wintertime wear. Perfumes with a light undercurrent of spice or cinnamon are perfect for the fall. You can increase the intensity of the fragrance as the weather turns colder.

Perfume to the Occasion

  • Match your perfume choice according to the occasion. A light scent of a beautiful perfume can enhance the impression you leave with those around you.

While working in the Office

  • For everyday office wear, use light scents. Florals and fruity aromas work well for this purpose, but use a light hand when you apply them. Many people have strong sensitivities and allergies to perfumes. In the office different perfumes can cause to headaches or nausea.

Date Night Fragrances

  • When to attend a special date, Orientals and woodsy perfumes would be perfect choice.

For relaxation

  • For those times when you want to relax and stay calm, lavender and vanilla bases bring wonderful experience to you.

Weddings and Celebrations

  • Weddings and other celebratory ceremonies are perfect occasions to wear your favorite florals. All might be wearing different scents. Go easy on the perfume and reapply a light spritz more often.

Perfumes are the easiest way to express yourself and your mood. Wear your favorites perfumes whenever you like, but try to consider the match of the fragrance you are wearing is according to the season or the occasion.

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