Friday, August 15, 2008


L.U.C.I. Eyes Light Color in Motion Eye Shadow Duo: The eye shadow compact holds two shadows, a beautiful bronze and a photonic shade pigment shadow. Use the photonic shadow over the bronze color to create a unique third shade, or use the photonic shade on its own to create a luminous look.
Photonic Illuminating Powder Brush Face: Glowing, translucent photonic loose powder a new pigment which can be used to shape the face or add a sheer veil.
Ombre Glac Cooling Gel Illuminator Eye : Creamy, cooling eye shadow can be used alone or mix over another color to highlight and brighten the eye area.
Color Fever Gloss Sensual Vibrant LipShine: Shine is revealed. Imaginative Lip Magnify applicator provides contours lips with amazing precision.
Traceur Design Illuminating Long-Lasting Eyeliner: Soft Brush eyeliner with photonic reflections will line the eyes and make them sparkle.

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