Friday, August 15, 2008


The best hairstyle is one which is easy to maintain. It is not neccessary that it should be trendy e but the perfect hairstyle works with your particular face shape and appearance as a whole.

  • A hair cut is permanent.
  • When choosing a hair style you should always consider whether or not it will suit your face shape.
  • The sharp and angular features of the face should be covered and not emphasized.
  • Round face short hair.
  • The short and extensive hair styles fit best as they slim the face and the cheeks appear smaller.
  • Two options for extensive hair styles: the chin length straight hair with an outer boundary and face composing cirr or the curly hair without a fringe.
  • For long hairs two hair styles - with side parting or an crooked fringe, oval face shapes.
  • For Oval face shapes perfectly in proportion with features nicely balanced: with a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones and a small chin.
  • Women having natural curls have natural gifts.
  • The full-strength chin length hair looks best if parted on the side with ends alternated out.
  • As for the long full-strength hair it will look perfect slicked back.
  • For square face crooked hair style. This face type has a all-inclusive forehead and a jaw line with obvious edges.Hair with big curls will look beautiful.
  • The fringe can be long and thick and the ears should be left visible.
  • Another good option to pull back the hair and make a pony tail.
  • For triangular shapes no fringe should be applied the small chin and all-inclusive forehead are typical features of the trianglular face type. Many hair styles will suite this type and most of them are comfortable to be performed.
  • To help in balancing the difference between the constringe chin and the all-inclusive forehead, prefer for a hair style with chin length then smooth back your hair and use hair-clasps to hold it behind the ears.
  • The triangle face looks best if there is no fringe. The side parting also looks nice, as well as curly hair which narrows around the neck.
  • The hair style excogitates your personality. One should keep their hair style perfect.

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